Omisté are accepting submissions! As this is a small and independently run site, we are not paying for submissions at this time. Instead, we will feature your work (if accepted) on our site with full credit to you and any social media/websites you wish.

We don’t mind if you’ve published your work somewhere else! But please clear it with the other publication(s) you’ve previously submitted your work(s) to, so that we can avoid any potential misunderstandings.

All submitted works must adhere to our ethos of no discrimination, abusive or hateful content.

We seek to empower BIPOC of all gender/sexual identities, religions, class and ability. Any submissions we deem inappropriate will be rejected.

And lastly, we ask: please only submit one piece at a time!

Currently, we are looking for the following:


Ideally, poetry submissions would be between 4 to 12 lines, although this is not set in stone and if we really love your submission, we’ll gladly accept shorter or longer pieces! We don’t place restrictions on what you choose to write about – if you want to write sad poetry, that’s fine! Angry poetry? Great! Write in whatever tone/style you feel confident writing in – writers work best in their element.

Opinion Pieces / Personal Essays

Opinion pieces and personal essays should ideally be about your experiences or views as a BIPOC, about issues that really get you thinking. These pieces should be at the very maximum 2000 words. Whether you’re writing about things that happened in the past, present or even things that haven’t happened yet, all think pieces are considered. These should be written in a relaxed, informal tone. OP-ED’s and personal essays are products of your own views, and this is what we want to see from you! 1st person preferred.


Articles should be at least 1 A4 page long. If you are including statistics or facts in your article, please provide links to where you’ve sourced this information from! The points made in your article should be clear and well explained, to the point and written in a formal, articulate style. 3rd person preferred.

If any of the above speak to you, then we encourage you to submit to us! As Omisté grows, we will look to include more mediums of art on our site, so we do apologise if your art form is not listed above.

Please email your submission to us at, with the title of your piece, your name, a sentence or two about yourself and links to any websites/social media handles you would like us to promote at the end of your published work!

If you’d like to write for us anonymously, please state this in your email and we’ll take care of the rest.

We will aim to get back to you within 1-5 days, but please bear with us if it takes a little longer than that. Thank you for thinking of writing for Omisté!