Here at Omisté, our ethos is central to our work. Our core values are unwavering and shine through in every single post we publish to our site. We celebrate and uplift BIPOC of all religions, sexualities, gender identities, classes, ability, size and cultural backgrounds. All submissions which embrace our vision for equity (and eventually equality) are welcome. Whilst Omisté is extremely new at this moment in time, we have set out three clear goals which will evolve over time to suit the needs of the magazine.

  1. To create a collective of art in all forms, which – as it grows – will provoke questions about ourselves, our mindsets and belief systems. We believe art should not only educate and inform, but also challenge existing perspectives and encourage open-mindedness.

  1. To form a community of readers around the world who start (or continue) those much-needed discussions on important issues. Who feel that they are represented in the work we publish and are comfortable enough to give us feedback if they feel they are not.

  1. To raise awareness of how interlinking aspects of our identities shape our life experiences. We advocate for intersectionality at Omisté and encourage others to do the same.

Where we stand.

For clarity, we are publicly declaring our stances.

We stand in complete solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

We support the freedom of Palestine.



We support equity over equality.

We advocate for police defunding and complete reform.

We do not support wars or colonialism. We DO however support decolonializing school curriculums.

We are intersectional feminists.

Please sign the petitions linked in the sidebar and donate to these causes if you can!