The founder of Omisté, Davina Dang.

Davina Dang is a Chinese-Vietnamese woman living in the UK. She is a freelance writer specialising in poetry, OP-EDs, personal essays and articles.


Omisté was born out of a desire for change.

In August of 2020, Omisté was founded by Davina Dang. A longtime campaigner for social change, she realised that the many voices, experiences and faces of BIPOC were grossly underrepresented in the media. There wasn’t a mainstream publication that truly represented everyone.

So she created one, in the hopes that many more were to follow.

She never saw faces that looked like hers in movies, in books or in video games. She grew up not knowing what it felt like to truly embrace her cultures or her appearance. Experiences of discrimination coupled with her fondness for writing made her realise that she didn’t just want to write; she wanted to write with purpose. She wanted to give that representation she was deprived of to not only East Asians, but to BIPOC people everywhere.