Stories My Tongue Remembers

Your wrinkled hands,

Kneeding the mixture,

Of warm Roti and Ghee,

You sprinkled some sugar,

The warmth of your hands,

Melting into syrup

We called it Churri,

My tongue remembers,

The taste of home cooked love.


Your churri is the finest meal,

My heart drips of the last sugar,

Sprinkled so generously,

As if you served your heart,

On a platter.

Rajeshwari Sen is a part time poet, part time copywriter. She is also a full time mother to two guinea pigs. Sex positive and appreciative of all things erotica. Rajeshwari is soon launching her first book ‘Bare Feels Series – Volume 1 Poems on Love | Relationships | Erotica’!

To see more of Rajeshwari’s work, she is on Instagram as @barefeelspoetry.

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