Melanin Mamas

She with skin the color of love

Her the one who’s been chosen by the sun

Lips of plum

Warrior tongue

With a complexion that tells a story of where we all came from

Woman of fire

Because She can take and create the heat

Brown baby

Thankful to a lady that wouldn’t give up her seat

Yes, Rosa Parks to spark up the convo

And Audre Lorde knew like those before her

“your silence won’t protect you”

let this ignite your soul

Ida B Wells said “the way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon it”

Be bold

Shine bright

Live in your roots

Galvanize them so no one can claim they are colorblind anymore

you see me?

This is the color of love

The color of strength

The color of brave

Our shades differ

But we are one

And the sun knows it

so our skin glows with it.

Lourdes is a writer/poet/artist that believes in the power of her pen and art and uses said power to express her personal experiences and love of words. In her writing she confronts taboo topics, such as racism, discrimination and trauma. Her writing also focuses on women empowerment, healing, manifestation and creation; centering on the journey of life, spirituality and self discovery.

To see more of Lourdes’ work, she can be found on Instagram here.